Dark Era RPG Session 2

Session 2
Agents Oscar and Frank assessed the bodies of the Alien creatures that were rapidly decomposing into dry dust. Some spare change, car keys and a pocket knife were found in their human clothing.

Frank was able to recover two golf ball shaped pods from their weapons while Oscar was still trying to get to grips with his first encounter.

Deputy Jones, the civilian was almost catatonic but Oscar, fighting his own fear, was able to talk him around.

The trio followed some tracks that led them to two “bpdies” of what was once human but now no more than a little bit of flesh and bone. Frank was able to determine they were the missing parents and theorized that the aliens may have hatched from their human hosts.

Still they were puzzled. 3 aliens but only 3 bodies.

Later they found a cave that was out of place and defeated a tentacle like brain that had fleshy wings and thousands of caterpillar like hairs and two large scythe like blades.

Frank discovered eggs inside the blades whip Oscar panicked over been implanted.

The cave was a hologram of some sorts as Deputy Jones pointed out to Oscar while Frank was distracted once more….

Oscar felt lured into what now appeared to be some kind of silver craft buried in the ground. He was gone for several minutes before Frank realised he was missing and noticed the craft.

Oscar found his way to a kind of harponics bay and found little Pippa that appeared she escaped from some kind of egg sack as she was covered in thick clear mucus.

Frank entered the craft and started calling for Oscar and (random direction) found himself at the entry to the harponics bay…