Dark Era Roleplaying Game
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Welcome to Dark Era

Dark Era is a table top role playing game of alien horror and investigation. Set in the early 1960s, you take on the role of secret agents investigating, capturing and neutralizing alien threats.

Bring back alien technology for research and experimentation, adding formidable modifications to your own arsenal that you customize as you fight against the invasion.


Simple Resolution System

3d6 + Attribute Rank + Skill Rank vs Difficulty Target Number

Non-Linear Advancement

Become what you want to be

Spend Experience Points to Acquire Traits

No Classes

Play What and How You Want

Multiple Game Types

In the default game type,the characters know of the Aliens and are part of a group or organization dedicated to fighting against them, all while keeping civilians in the dark.

Additional optional game types:

Citizens – you are caught in the crossfire or perhaps fall victim to alien influence which leads you on your own mission to fight against them.

Amnesia – you are a specimen. A lab rat and wake up with no memory. This game type is for narrative story telling where each choice you make may awaken another memory of your past./


Setting Agnostic

3 Settings Planned

1963 – Current

963 – Dark Ages

2963 – What will the future hold

Group Sizes

Suitable for small groups 2 to 6 Players and a Game Master


Action based combat system

Variable Actions Choices



Experience Point based reward system

Spend Experience to Buy Traits and Perform Research

Fight Aliens

Kill Aliens, take their technology, learn their secrets

Study & Research

Study & Research Alien Technology & Abilities

Integrate Alien Technology into your equipment

Customisable Weapons

Customisable Weapons & Training

Use the basic weapons or build your own